Wholesale Supply, Inc. provides a variety of services, including a Lease Program, Preventative Maintenance Program, and Water Filter Tracking Program. Our Service-related programs are available to customers within a 100 mile radius of Longview, Texas, within the State of Texas. Our experienced service technicians are ready to serve you!

Service Repair

Wholesale Supply, Inc. employs trained and experienced service technicians who provide trouble-shooting and maintenance to the equipment we sell. Wholesale Supply, Inc. is a contracted Service Representative for multiple manufacturers, meaning our technicians are qualified to provide warranty maintenance. Our staff will take care of submitting the warranty claims to the manufacturer and assist you in getting the best coverage available.

Delivery, Installation, Start-Up

Wholesale Supply, Inc. provides a D.I.S. (Delivery, Install, Start-Up) service, where our technicians deliver your equipment to your location, unload and install the equipment, and get the equipment up and running and tested, to ensure everything is working properly. Many people assume there’s not much to setting up an ice machine - just plug it in and hook up the water supply, right? Not necessarily – there are various components that need to be tested and checked to ensure the unit starts-up properly.

Equipment Lease Program

Are you tired of expensive and unexpected repair calls for your ice making equipment, leaving you waiting on the service company to arrive? Wholesale Supply, Inc. has a Lease Program that can relieve you of this stress and inconvenience.

Our Lease Program includes regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure your machine remains sanitized and working efficiently. Our program also has the flexibility to grow with your business, so you aren’t having to purchase more accommodating equipment each time you need it.

Another perk our Lease customers love is our same-day service if we are notified of a problem by 10a.m.

Preventative Maintenance

Industry manufacturers recommend that foodservice equipment be routinely cleaned and sanitized, and water filters replaced every six months, to ensure equipment continues working properly, and to ensure you’re offering a quality, sanitary product to your customers.

Wholesale Supply, Inc. offers a Preventative Maintenance Program where we keep our customers in a rotation for this service. Every six months you'll receive a courtesy call from our staff to schedule your routine Preventative Maintenance service. Our technician can change out any filters you have at that time as well, saving you the cost of an additional service call.

If you would like to sign up for this program, simply email us or give us a call at 903-753-7621.

Filter Rotation Program

Wholesale Supply, Inc. offers a complimentary reminder service to ALL customers who purchase water filtration systems. As part of our Replacement Filter Tracking Program, customers will receive email notification when the time is nearing to replace the water filter cartridges. This is not an auto-ship program, but a complimentary reminder to order. Please contact us if you would like to be part of an auto-ship program, and you are not already receiving reminders.

Water Testing

Wholesale Supply, Inc. also offers water testing. Customers can order a water test kit in the Water Filter Parts and Accessories section, or, if you are located in the greater East Texas area, you may bring your own water sample to us. You will be provided with a water test analysis from a 3rd party vendor, which can then be used to determine which water filtration application, will best meet your needs.